United Tours russia presents:
Unexplored lands of Caucasus
8 days
By train
"Tea Train" is a new word in Russian tourism - a railway cruise in the North Caucasus with a visit to the most important attractions of the region: the unique ancient towers of mountain Ingushetia, the citadel of Naryn-Kala in 2000-year-old Derbent, the mosque "heart of Chechnya" in the center of revived Grozny, the resorts of Caucasian Mineral Waters and the beauty of North Ossetia and, of course, the majestic Elbrus.

The North Caucasus is filled with amazing places to visit and has an incredible warmth of southern hospitality!
Tea Train route:
    • Mineralnye Vody
    • Kislovodsk
    • Elbrus
    • Chateau Erken
    • Vladikavkaz
    • Derbent
    • Elbrus
    • Mineralnye Vody
    Tour program
    April 13th - 21st
    April 27th
    April 27th
    Day 1: Karachay-Cherkessia/Stavropol territory
    Meeting guests at the airport of the Caucasian Mineral Waters.
    Transfer 61 km to Karachay-Cherkessia to Honey Waterfalls. Lunch. Included in the tour price. Excursion trip to the Honey Waterfalls. Visit to the tourist complex
    "Honey falls". Honey waterfalls are named according to legend. Once at the waterfalls
    lived a huge colony of wild bees. Honey was such a number that in the hot
    summer days it melted and stringy dripping from the honeycomb under the icy jet of water. And then water
    became sweet to the taste.
    Free time, buying Souvenirs. Buy mountain honey and mountain tea.
    Mountain tea is a collection of aromatic herbs of the highlands, which have useful
    properties. Herbal teas normalize sleep and digestion, improve elasticity
    vessels'. It is important to brew tea on clean water.
    Boarding the buses.
    Pyatigorsk, Zheleznovodsk, Essentuki, Kislovodsk two centuries use
    invariable popularity as the all-Russian balneological resorts. Here
    from the ground beat hundreds of different composition of thermal water sources. Her
    they drink, bathe in it and take baths. Water and dirt effectively help from
    many diseases. Therefore, numerous sanatoriums have been built in the region, including
    the number and state. For treatment and prevention come to the water
    at least 7-10 days.
    Transfer 25 km to Kislovodsk.
    Excursion to Kislovodsk, walk in the Park, tasting mineral
    Transfer 40 km to the village of Suvorovskaya, to the thermal pools.
    Swimming in hot, warm and cold pools with thermal water. Pools on
    outdoor air. Bathing-pleasure, useful for improvement of an organism.
    Body and soul instantly relieve all worries, happy every moment of life!
    The immediate effect lasts for hours after bathing. The total residence time in
    bath 1 hour, including bathing time-no more than 15 minutes. We recommend you to bring bathing suits, Slippers and a towel.
    A visit to Suvorov baths is not included in the tour price.
    Boarding the bus, transfer 41 km to the hotel.
    April 28th
    April 28th
    Day 2: Elbrus
    Breakfast at hotel.
    Early departure, transfer to Elbrus 160 km, about 3.5 hours with two stops.
    Stop in the Glade Narzanov is the place where from under the earth come out
    mineralized water. Only three sources, you can drink from each and pour
    a little water with you in the bottle prepared in advance.
    Had an early lunch. Included in the tour price.
    Ascent to Elbrus by cable car to a height of 3800 m. Elbrus-sleeping two-headed volcano. It is on the list of the world's seven highest mountains, along
    with mount Everest and mount Kilimanjaro. Its height above sea level is 5642 m. are you Lucky
    will you see the legendary peaks or will Elbrus hide them in the clouds?
    Tickets for the cable car - for an additional fee, at the rate of the cable car.
    Descent down, landing in buses. Transfer to Nalchik, the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria,
    130 km. About 2.5 hours without stopping.
    Arrival in Nalchik, short bus tour of the city center.
    Hotel accommodation, free time.
    April 29th
    April 29th
    Day 3: Kabardino-Balkaria And North Ossetia-Alania
    Breakfast at hotel.
    Boarding the buses.
    Shuttle service, 24 km from Chateau Erken. Visit the winery "Chateau Erken", created
    Ambulator Erkenova. The citadel is located in the middle of an artificial pond.
    The lake is surrounded by vineyards, and walking next to the winery you can
    encounter peacocks, pheasants and even deer. Duration of the tour and
    tasting of several types of wines for 1.5 hours. Entrance fees for additional
    Lunch. Included in the tour price.
    Transfer 140 km to Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia-Alania.
    Accommodation in hotel.
    Excursion to Vladikavkaz. On the left Bank of the stormy Terek river is located
    Sunni mosque (Mukhtarov mosque), built 109 years ago. Guide will introduce
    you with the biography of Costa Khetagurov, an Ossetian poet, playwright, essayist and
    artist's. His poems are included in the Golden literary Fund
    Russia. Return to hotel.
    Rest and overnight at the hotel.
    April 30th
    April 30th
    Day 4: Ingushetiya republic
    Breakfast at hotel.
    Boarding the buses.
    Transfer 60 km with one stop to the mountains of Ingushetia. The bus works
    guide. Excursion to the tower complex of Egikal. Since the beginning of Mongolian
    invasion route of the great silk road laid anew, through the mountains.
    The tower city of Egikal is a witness of those distant times. The People Of Ingushetia
    spread across the valley from this fortress. The Ingush call themselves – galgani,
    people of the towers. The last inhabitants left the tower city during the period of repressions, in
    years of the great Patriotic War.
    Lunch in the mountains. Included in the tour price.
    Boarding the bus.
    Transfer 72 km with one stop to Nazran, to the Memorial of Memory and Glory. Memorial to victims of repression – nine watchtowers,
    located group, close to each other and braided barbed
    wire. The architecture of each tower is special, because each of them
    it symbolizes a certain period of the past, and the traditions of construction have changed
    for centuries. These differences remind us that the history of the Ingush people
    it goes back to ancient times. It is a monument, the contemplation of which leaves in the soul
    indelible mark. The memorial was erected in memory of the eviction of Ingush in 1944 in
    Northern Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.
    Transfer 40 km to Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia-Alania.
    Free time.
    Rest and overnight at the hotel.
    May 1st
    May 1st
    Day 5: Republic of Chechnya
    Breakfast at hotel.
    Transfer 100 km with one stop to the Chechen Republic. The bus works
    Stop in the village of Urus-Martan in the ethnographic Museum "Dondi-Yurt". Tickets to
    Museum for an additional fee. On the territory of "Dondi-Yurt" collected authentic artifacts, buildings
    stone, Adobe, wood. Military and residential towers, dugouts, cellars, and houses, with traditional decoration. It's hard to believe that this collection is under
    the open sky is the work of one man! To preserve the history for future
    generations-this goal was set by the Creator of the Museum "Dondi-Yurt" Adam Satuev. Transfer 40 km to Grozny.
    Accommodation in hotel.
    Lunch. Included in the tour price.
    Sightseeing tour of Grozny. Grozny is a city-Phoenix, reborn from
    the ashes of such a distant war. Fortress Grozny was built in the early XIX century,
    public donations built the Church of Archangel Michael, ruined
    war and rebuilt. Opposite the temple is a complex of skyscrapers
    "Grozny city", from the observation deck of one of which the city is visible as
    palms. One can see the spiritual heart of Grozny-the heart of Chechnya mosque.
    Rest and overnight at the hotel.
    May 2nd
    May 2nd
    Day 6: Chechnya/Dagestan
    Transfer 40 km to Argun gorge. The bus has a guide. Excursion to the Argun gorge. The old road leads up the gorge stormy
    Chanty-Argun. Part of the road was cut down in limestone rocks by generations of Chechens.
    The nature here is wild, untouched, preserved features of primeval.
    Transfer 180 km with two stops to Dagestan.
    Accommodation in hotel.
    Overnight at hotel.
    May 3rd
    May 3rd
    Day 7: Dagestan
    Breakfast at hotel.
    8: 30 Early check out. Transfer 180 km to Derbent with two stops. In the bus
    works guide.
    Derbent is the oldest city in Russia! Derbent is 5,000 years old and has changed little in the past
    this time. The same walls of limestone, Dagestan stone, as it is called here, those
    same quiet hospitable residents.
    Check in to the city beach of Derbent, free time 30 minutes.
    Excursion to the citadel of Naryn-Kala. Naryn-Kala - part of the defensive
    structures of the ancient Persians. Touch the walls built by the millennia
    Stand back! Museum tickets are available at an additional cost. Lunch. Included in the tour price.
    City tour: "Soviet" city market (in its working days), Juma mosque, ancient
    The Armenian Church, the old narrow streets create an Oriental mood.
    Check in to the city beach of Derbent, free time for a photo shoot and swimming (if
    hot season.)
    Boarding the bus at the agreed place at 17: 30. Transfer 110 km to the airport "Uytash", Makhachkala.
    May 4th
    May 4th
    Day 8: Moscow
    Morning (around 6: 30) - arrival in Moscow, at the Kazan railway station.
    Travel packages

    before November 10th
    $1499 / person
    $450 / deposit

    November 11th - February 15th
    $1699 / person
    $510 / deposit

    after February 15th
    $1899 / person
    $950 / deposit
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