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When should I reserve my spot for the 2018 World Cup?
With an expected 1,000,000 tourists to visit Russia during the World Cup. The price per room night skyrocketed during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, and thousands of fans resorted to camping, sleeping on the beach, or traveling hours each day to the stadiums. Avoid all the stress by reserving your spot now.
What are the benefits of reserving now?
Booking now guarantees that you will have a place to stay, and it locks in your rates. As time goes on, match ticket and trip prices will go up, but your rates will be locked in if you book your trip now. The price of the package also includes a discount for ordering now that won't be available later.
Do you provide airplane flights as part of the packages?
We do not provide flights as part of our packages. Since our guests come from all over the world, we find that it is best to let you select the best flight arrangements for your party. Once you've touched down in a Russian airport, however, we will be the first to greet you. We'll take care of everything else!
How does transportation from the airport work?
We will have a team to greet you at the airport and transport you to the hotel. Our staff will get your flight itinerary ahead of time to make sure your arrival is seamless.
Do many places in Russia accept credit or debit cards? How should I exchange money?
You will find that almost every chain retailer or restaurant accepts cards, and many other businesses do as well. This is especially true in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Master Card, and Visa are the most commonly accepted forms of credit or debit payment.

You should expect to pay in cash for taxis, at street vendors. Luckily, Russia is well-outfitted with ATMs. You will get the same exchange rate at an ATM as you would at an official money changer, so this may be your best bet if you'd prefer not to bring cash into the country.
    Is Russia safe?
    On the whole, Russia is a safe country to travel in. While busy tourist attractions may be feeding grounds for pick pockets, travelers shouldn't feel the need to be any more diligent than they would otherwise be while travelling in an American or Western European city.
    Is WiFi widely available in Russia?
    Russia is pretty well connected to the web. In 2014 Moscow became the first city in the world to offer free public wifi on all their metro trains. The restaurant and shopping districts of Russian cities will typically offer a selection of businesses that offer free wifi to their clients. You'll find that American chains like McDonald's and Starbucks will be present throughout Russia, and these are generally great places to connect your phone to wifi.
    Where can I get tickets to the matches?
    Everyone is already talking about hard to find tickets for the World Cup Matches. Tickets will only be available through FIFA's official ticketing outlet, and while the games are scheduled at this point it is still unclear which teams are playing when.

    When is the World Cup Draw?
    The World Cup Draw will be Dec. 1, 2017. All team group stages and matches will be assigned at that time.
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